The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wedding Venues

Pros of Outdoor Wedding Venue

Location, Location, Location. The first big decision you will make in regards to your wedding day is where and when. Once you narrow down that general area of interest on a map or globe (weather permitting), it’s time to think about the venue that best suits both your preference and potential guests’ preferences. It’s only after you settle on your venue that you can start looking for the best wedding DJs and planning your catering.

This article details the pros and cons of outdoor wedding venues. When it comes down to it, wedding venues aren’t one-size-fits-all. Choosing your wedding venue comes down to you and your significant other planning the best evening for you and all of your guests.

Pro to Outdoor Wedding Venues- The Scenery

Being outside adds natural elements to your wedding’s setting. There is something peaceful and serene about having an outdoor venue, especially if you’re in a picturesque setting. A setting sun and a light breeze softly blowing the bride’s veil can both add an element to your wedding you can’t recreate inside.

Outdoor wedding setup

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Pro to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Natural Lighting

Natural lighting will not only give your wedding venue beauty while you’re in the moment. It will also help your pictures turn out beautifully so you can have fond memories forever. Natural lighting adds a touch of warmth and familiarity to your wedding. You can also take pictures during the one and only “golden hour,” the time before the sun sets that brings out all of the natural beauty in everyone’s eyes.

Pro to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Reduced Decor

Outdoor venues serve as a natural setting that adorns your wedding without having to spend a dime. When you have a wedding at an outside venue, you need to administer little alterations for your ceremony and reception. Not only can you use the natural landscape to decorate your wedding. You can also use the standing architecture surrounding your venue as decor.

Pros of Outdoor Wedding Venue

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Pro to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Accommodating Larger Parties

Most outdoor venues can accommodate larger crowds. You don’t have to worry about indoor caps that can potentially limit your guest list. This fact is critical during the pandemic when many venues capped their maximum capacity at 30 people or less. If you live in a warm climate or have a destination by the beach, you can also have your wedding reception outdoors without worrying about venue restrictions.

Pro to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Creative Freedom

Having your wedding outdoors gives you complete control over your decoration setup. Whereas when you have your wedding indoors, you have to adhere to the venue’s limitations, outdoor venues give you unfettered freedom. If you want to release a dole of doves when you say “I do,” go ahead. It’s your wedding.

Cons to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Unwanted Pests

Being in mother nature gives you access to all of her beauty and wonder. It also gives you access to all of her fury and all of her creations, including critters such as insects, birds, mice, and whatever else may be interested in attending your wedding. The last thing you want at your wedding is a bunch of pestered guests getting bitten by mosquitos.

Cons to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Backup Plans

When you decide to use an outdoor wedding, you need to plan for inclement weather. This means you need a backup venue, adding stress to the planning process and expenses involved in planning your wedding.

Cons of Outdoor Wedding

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Cons of Outdoor wedding

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Cons to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Allergies

Depending on the time of year and your location, guests might have problems controlling their allergies. The last thing you want during your wedding vows is a bunch of people sneezing their noses off, saying “bless you” every two seconds. Outdoor weddings might ruin your guest experience. Consider the season of your wedding before committing to outdoor venues.

Cons to Outdoor Wedding Venues- Elements

Even if it doesn’t rain at your wedding, the weather can still ruin your big day. Mother nature might cast some shadow upon your wedding via an ominous overcast sky. You can always prepare, but this requires extra work, and it might not even work. Windy days can cause just as many problems rain, blowing the food everywhere, and undoing all beautiful hairdos.

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Cons- Uneven Ground

Natural ground carries all of mother nature’s imperfections. You don’t have the luxury of parquet floors and ideal dancing surfaces. Guests might have to wear specific footwear, and any elderly guests might have some difficulty making their way around. Additionally, anyone wearing high heels might sink if your venue has soft ground.

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Cons- Unwanted Sounds and Noise

Outdoor spaces are ideal for large gatherings. However, those sitting far away may have to strain to hear your vows. If you plan on having your wedding at an outdoor venue, you should consider using a microphone system to ensure everyone can hear your vows.

Conclusion- The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wedding Venues

No matter what your wedding venue plans are, it’s always wise to weigh the pros and cons of each setting. Weighing the pros and cons of outdoor wedding venues will help you determine the best venue for your wedding.

Outdoor wedding venues offer stunning views and provide great photo opportunities, but they also invite some of mother nature’s darker elements into the mix. If you plan to opt for an outdoor venue, you have to worry about the weather, uneven ground, and unwanted guests such as mosquitoes. No wedding venue is perfect. It comes down to how thoroughly you plan it with your partner.

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