Things to Keep in Mind While Renting Out Your Wedding Lehenga

Renting Out a designer dress for wedding  is the most practical and economic decision that modern day brides are catching on. The handsome amount of money spent on an expensive lehenga dress can be utilized for an exquisite honeymoon.While some still prefer buying as a better choice, there are many taking the alternate route. Before renting out the wedding dress, there are some things that one should keep in Mind.


The ultimate start to the wedding ensemble shopping is Research.It makes things easier and is utmost important for smooth functioning of the things. Google, friends, family seek help from all those you can. You will get lot of information over the web, search out for wedding blogs, vlogs  for prospective places where you can rent out lehengas. Designer outfits are available for rent both online and offline. Pen down all the alternatives and  options that you come across.


Check the designs and catalogue

A boutique may have latest designs, but not all of them are available for renting. So visit all stores that have been recommended to you. Check out for their collection that’s on rent. Do not leave it for the last one month.

Try out the Dresses

Just don’t go by the look of it. Try  out the dress, before hand, walk around a bit  to see if it’s comfortable. Do not be in a hurry to finalize the lehenga. You can give it some time, look for other options too.  Sometimes a thing catches out attention at first glance and later on we regret buying or booking it. So don’t take a decision in hush.

Read the rent agreement

Go through rent agreement word by word, before signing. Do not believe in verbal commitments. If there is anything that needs to be altered in the agreement, write it down on the agreement itself before signing. If you are renting it online do read the terms and conditions.

Check the Garment

Check the garment thoroughly before booking as well as before picking it up. It is good to check for all the flaws so that if anything requires fixing can be done. Ensure the lehenga is dry cleaned and   in good condition, threads hanging out here there, beads falling off isn’t a good idea .

Security Deposit

Every place whether online or offline that rents out the wedding lehenga will have a security deposit policy. The security deposit fees vary from shop to shop.Before agreeing on to pay upfront deposit or security fees, understand the terms and conditions of security deposit clearly. You should always ask for a receipt and keep it safe.

Pickup and Delivery

It goes without saying that wedding lehenga is the most important thing for the bride on her big day. Pick up your lehenga yourself 2 to 3 days in advance and only after a trial.Take someone along with you for finalizing the dress, and pickup.You can give this person the responsibility of returning the dress post the wedding as he /she will be aware of all terms and conditions.

Taking Care

Last, but  the most important take care of the rented wedding lehenga else you would end up losing your security deposit.Well, be it a rented outfit or one that you have bought all brides are extremely cautious with their bridal dress. After all, you will be wearing it all day long, photographed in it and will have lifetime memories  in that  dress, so care is essential.

Keep this few things in mind before renting out your bridal dress and slay your bridal game in style.

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