This Destination Wedding in Udaipur Was filled With Entertainment Right From Boarding The Flight.


We all know what it feels like to have a wedding in the family, the excitement begins the moment the marriage is fixed. It’s a full house of excitement, ideas and madness and it truly is at its peak when the countdown begins. This Destination wedding in Udaipur made sure to keep the excitement and fun quotient elevated and airborne too.

Meet Ayushi & Ankit

Ankit and Ayushi met in B-School, while college romances are pretty much common, but this one isn’t a college romance. Ayushi had heard quite a lot about Ankit from her other friends and was quite intrigued as to know Who he really was, that had only amazing things to be heard of. She noticed him in the college night mess one day and they both happened to be seated for dinner on the same table the very night. It wasn’t that day they started talking, it was just one of those days when you sit beside someone for dinner at the mess. They started talking only after college was over. Ayushi says,” Ankit is an extreme extrovert. He is generally the vocal one in big groups but that day I could feel his eyes on me. I personally like to think he was hooked since then.”

Welcome Dinner

Beginning Of The Epic Adventure

Ankit and Ayushi’s destination wedding in Udaipur was a dream that came into life. Ayushi’s trip to Udaipur with her friends got her fascinated to Udaipur it was like a dream for her. Somehow or we can call it destiny after looking out for different places and venues it was Udaipur that made it to the Ayushi and Ankit’s dream destination wedding spot.


The journey from Kolkata to Udaipur was power-packed with fun in-flight games, a host to keep the energy levels high, an in-flight entertainment magazine with information about the bride and groom, customized travel folders and itinerary for the guests. The three-day event was an epic adventure filled with fun for the couple and the guests.

In-FLight Wedding FunIn-FLight Wedding FunIn-FLight Wedding FunIn-FLight Wedding Fun

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