This Dreamy Pre-Wedding Shoot in Kashmir is Exhilarating

Kashmir is a fairyland; its beauty needs no introduction. Kashmir is known as Jannat & rightly so it’s been blessed with the beauty that can make anyone fall in love with it. Pranika & Jasmine’s pre-wedding shoot in Kashmir is exhilarating & you would want to pack your bags & witness the beauty of Kashmir.  Shooting for a pre-wedding shoot in Kashmir is a dream come true it’s a perfect spot for a romantic pre-wedding shoot against backdrops of snow-capped mountains, aesthetic Kashmiri architecture and the scenic Dal Lake what else can two madly in love souls ask for.

The Love Saga

Pranika & Jasmine were classmates at college. It wasn’t loved at first sight, instead, Pranika didn’t seem to like Jasmine.  Gradually, they became best friends & three years later Pranika confessed her love for him. But Jasmine friend-zoned Pranika because of his family constraints.  Love brewed and ultimately two years later on their graduation both started dating. The two dated for another  5 long years before they finally managed to convince Jasmine’s family to agree to their marriage.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in  Kashmir

 How Pre-Wedding Shoot in  Kashmir was planned.

Pranika says “ I had always heard stories about the beauties of the valley and had always imagined myself and my partner witnessing it together. Jasmine knew about this wish of mine and then there was no other place but Kashmir for our pre-wedding shoot”. The shoot was planned over a span of three days, with a hope for good weather in January, nature had its own plan it snowed all three days. Shooting in the snow made it challenging for the team to shoot it but Videovala team and the couple pulled it off. Pranika recalls,” I was barefoot in -6 degrees and walking on snow, but looking at the team my supportive partner I pulled it off very easily. We wanted something that is different from the usual, something very grand and close to Yashraj movies”

Well, don’t you think Pre-wedding shoot in Kashmir is the closest when it comes to living Bollywood Romance, after all when it comes to picturesque locations Bollywood too is enchanted by Kashmir’s beauty?

Pre-Wedding Shoot in  Kashmir

The Theme of the Shoot

Pranika  & Jasmine along with their photographer team had narrowed down on 4 different themes for their pre-wedding shoot in Kashmir.

A casual photo shoot with the couple walking around the streets

Pre-Wedding Shoot in  Kashmir Pre-Wedding Shoot in  Kashmir

A formal shoot on Dal Lake with traditional clothing.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in  KashmirPre-Wedding Shoot at Dal Lake KashmirPre-Wedding Shoot in Dal Lake

A complete white background of snow with a couple in black and red, shooting intense expressions.

Pre-Wedding Shoot in KashmirPre-Wedding Shoot in Dal Lake Kashmir

A bedroom romance shoot.

Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas

Experience Shooting for Pre-wedding in  Snow Laden Kashmir Valley

We were quite determined to get those perfect shots despite the fact we knew snow will not let us take what we had planned for. Pranika was determined to shoot barefoot as planned, the team insisted on wearing shoes but definitely that would have taken away the essence in the pictures.

“My clothes were wet from snow, the make-up was melting into my eyes making them hurt so bad. But, this was my dream and I couldn’t let it go. With my partner and the videowala team’s support, I could go through this and bring out the best pictures.”  ..Pranika

Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas in Kashmir

Well, these pictures are worth all the challenges and efforts and definitely memories made along the way will be treasure forever.

Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas

Tips for the couples who want to get their pre-wedding shoot done in Kashmir.

Don’t think much and just take that flight and be there. The people and the valley are beautiful.

Shooting with The Videowala Team

The team was extremely hard working, supportive and open to our idea of the shoot. They could very well comprehend what exactly we are looking for and the kind of shots they proposed were beyond our imagination.

Vendors  & Locations

Makeup artist: Shivaliangiras-Artist Soul

Photographer: The Videowala

Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations: Dal lake, Pari mahal, Gulmarg, Chasme shahi resort.

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