Wedding Planner Reveals How They Pulled Off This Couple’s Dreamy Wedding!

Be it big or a small wedding, it always takes an army to make your dream wedding turn into reality. It takes months to make wedding arrangements from booking makeup artists to wedding decorators, selecting wedding dresses, jewelry, making guest lists & much more. And more often, in this hustle-bustle, you don’t get time to just relax & enjoy the greatest moments of your life. So, to make you stress-free from the wedding planning process, the wedding planner make your life easy by taking care of the strenuous task of wedding planning. Ashwerya & Rohit’s wedding was one dreamy affair amazingly pulled off by wedding planner – Zariya Events & Designs.

And guess what?? Zariya Events & Designs revealed every single detail of their grand wedding & guyz don’t forget to take tips. As it will surely help you with your wedding planning.

Meet Ashwerya & Rohit

Bride & Groom Engagement Outfit

“The bride contacted us about a year in advance to plan her wedding and help her out with basically the entire checklist for the wedding. This couple had been dating for 6 years and for them, the main motive of their wedding was for people and their loved ones to have FUN! Unlimited fun and boy! Their wedding was a dance PARTY all along.

The first step in planning Ashwerya and Rohit’s wedding was to present them with an entire wedding excel checklist in an orderly fashion, where we focused on what needs to be done when. We were basically the bride’s shadow. They already had their venues in hand so we began with blocking her makeup artist and outfit research. We accompanied her mother and her to different markets as we were providing bridal consultation as well. Then, we moved on to mood boards for the look and feel of the function, further meeting and finalizing decorators. Zariya also provides graphic design services, we design the save the dates and e-invites for our clients. Basically, being with our bride through and through her wedding.”- says wedding planner.

Wedding Functions

“We were lucky to have a bride who was very clear in her vision of what color scheme and theme she wanted for her functions. But, before we go on to finalizing the colors and look and feel of the wedding functions, we do keep in mind the colors of the clothes the bride and groom decide to wear. We would not want them to be too contrasting or to camouflage all together with the backgrounds. So, this is one of the major factors we keep in mind for sure when getting into color scheme decisions!”- says wedding planner.

Tips for theme & Color of Mehendi Decor By Wedding Planner


“For the engagement, we found this very beautiful off-beat location in Gurgaon. The location was Impromptu on the Golf course road. We went with a rustic, lamps and green kind of theme for this function where our bride was wearing this beautiful teal colored gown and the groom complimented her with a crisp black and white tuxedo. It was very English.”- says wedding planner.

Engagement Hairstyles for Bride

Bride & Groom Engagement Portraits

Tips by Wedding Planner For Engagement Decor

Bridal Jewellery For Engagement


The theme for the Mehendi was traditional green & pink with hints of marigold. Everyone wore either green or pink and it looked amazing. The right colors of the décor were complimented by the pastel shades of green and pink in the bride’s lehenga which she designed herself! Her delicate pink floral jewelry got her entire look together.

Indian Bride Mehendi Look & Her Pink Floral Jewellery

Bride Mehendi Jewellery

Wedding Planner Reveals Bride's Mehendi Outfit & Mehendi Decor

Bride & Groom Co-ordinated Mehendi Outfits

Bride & Groom Mehendi Portraits

Mehendi Photos


The Cocktail, the bride decided to wear onion pink and silver and the groom wore a beautiful doubled breasted coat in wine shade. Considering that, we went for a white and light pink and mauve décor. The mauve shade was bought in through light effects. The cocktail was like a concert that was never-ending!

Wedding Planner Describes Bride & Groom Cocktail Party Outfits

Bride & Groom Cocktail Party Photos

Bridal Makeup For Cocktail Party


Our unconventional bride was sure she did not want to do the overall red lehenga. She decided to go for a brown/bronze shade lehenga with an accent of red through the dupatta on her head, the lipstick and in her jewelry. And it definitely looked mesmerizing. We did the same with the décor of the wedding. The mandap was all white flowers with red tips, the traditional manner of draping creating a whirling effect.

Indian Bridal Makeup & Bridal Jewellery

Indian Bride Portraits

Indian Bride & Groom Wedding Portraits

Indian Bride & Groom Wedding Dress

Indian Bride & Groom Wedding Portraits

Mandap Decor

Rohit, the groom had the most amazing baraat of all times. We organized a DJ-LED Setup on an open truck that moved alongside the baraati’s dancing while Rohit was on a horse carriage. The Baraat went on for 3 hours!!

Very often in the midst of all the wedding chaos, the family comes across confusion, that is where we come in to make their lives at that point of time run in an orderly fashion.


“Since we did not do go for a bright color in any of the outfits in the functions mentioned above, we went for an electric pink outfit for the reception. The groom looked dapper in a pinstripe suit with hints of the same pink through his tie and pocket square. The classic “Ek chutki sindoor” is what our bride wanted to go for here with traditional gold temple jewelry.”-says wedding planner.

Bride & Groom Reception Dresses

Bride & Groom Reception Photos

Indian Couple Wedding Portraits

Experience With Bride & Groom Through Entire Planning Process

“Ashwerya and Rohit were a delight to work with! They were this modern couple with a pinch of traditionality. A perfect blend I would say, that complimented the emotions that run during an Indian Wedding yet keeping the likes of their generation as well. They not only catered to each other’s needs but also took along two families with them. They were wholesome and it seemed like two families were just having a great time in the conjunction of their beloved daughter and son respectively.

Indian Bride & Groom Engagement Photos

Also, what we noticed about this couple was that they lived in the moment and for the moment. Everything about them was very candid and though attention was paid in capturing the right moments from their wedding. How they experienced that particular moment with each other mattered more! That was something we learned from them in this world where capturing is more important than living the moment.”-says wedding planner.

Advice From A Wedding Planner For All Brides-to-be & Grooms-to-be

  • Shortlist your ideas and visions.
  • Always have a checklist and prioritize your needs, even if they are handwritten in your diary.
  • Our advice would be to definitely consult a wedding planner because whatever said and done, weddings are a pool of elements and various factors which one tends to forget if managing on their own. Let a wedding planner take that burden off you. And please consult them way in advance like a minimum of 10 months from the wedding. They will definitely make your life easy!

Wedding Vendors


Engagement: Impromptu

Cocktail and Wedding: Orana Convention

Makeup Artist

Engagement: Mridula Malhotra

Mehendi: Blinkd by Deepika Ahuja

Cocktail: Pooja Khurana

Wedding: Shagun Gupta ( Makeupbyshagun)

Photographer & Videographer: Rajesh Digital

Wedding Planning & Décor: Zariya Events and Design

Mehendi & Engagement Décor: Aasan Eventos


Engagement Outfit: Shehzaadi, Rajouri Garden
Cocktail Outfit: Frontier
Wedding Outfit: Frontier


Floral Jewellery: Chandni chowk


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