A Timeless Destination Wedding In Udaipur With An Amazing Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Mehendi ceremony in Udaipur


This #TimelessLove story of Mansi & Vinav will make your heart flutter with joy and endless love. The couple is not only inspiring with their powerpack love story but has set high-end goals with their pre-wedding shoot shot at i10 different locations, post-wedding shoot in Atlantis Dubai, and above all, they had a destination wedding in Udaipur. 

Meet Mansi & Vinav

Destination wedding in Udaipur


“Our story began through work, we first met to discuss a project but as the saying goes: ‘right things happen at right time’ so while things did not move on the work front at our first meeting but there was this strong connection that built. We were certain to build our lives together since the beginning of our relationship.

We both had a lot of similar views on the work and profession, lifestyle, and building impactful initiatives. Naturally, our strengths began to emerge and we let each other to own certain functions of the business. This isn’t to say that we don’t weigh in on developing conversations.”- says the bride.

Destination wedding in Udaipur

“Our thoughts are alike so we often have a common perspective on solutions for the problems that we’re solving. This synergy soon got wings and our efforts aligned to help us grow The Brides of India, and our consulting business while we kept exploring ideas to grow other ventures we were ideating.

When two strong & determined individuals with similar goals and aspirations get married, they not only walk down the aisle of their future but also tie the knot to their entrepreneurial dream to build an empire together.”- says the bride.

Destination wedding in Udaipur

“We had an obvious connection and soon honed in on the fact we both had high goals and aspirations for business so without any further ado we started penning down our ideas. The commonality of our core values has absolutely helped & allowed us to work incredibly well together. Everything boils down to the belief system and if that is aligned, your relationship and business will thrive, which is what has hugely helped us to grow multiple businesses together.”

Pre-wedding shoots in Udaipur

“Shortly after we were married, we decided to combine our individual skills, energy, and motivation in one direction and started working together full time. Some of our best ideas have come while brainstorming on a late Sunday night, or during a breakfast date at home.

Our honeymoon was filled with some fun chats of starting our venture together, with some great business inspirational ideas but that didn’t stop us from having an unforgettably romantic experience.”- says the bride.


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