33+Bridal Naths Designs For Every Type Of #BrideToBe!

Bridal Nath Designs

Bridal Naths plays a significant role in “Solah Shringhar” of Indian brides. They have to wear these nose rings on their wedding day & without it their bridal look is incomplete. The modern-day brides are going for minimal yet edgy jewelry and are more inclined towards traditional. To make it Insta-worthy, brides are usually experimenting with the designs  & styles of naths. From delicate floral naths for Mehendi to dramatic nath designs with bride & groom motifs, Instagram is just flooded with splendid bridal nath designs embellished with diamonds & pearls.

Here, we have curated these beautiful & trendy nose rings that can be ruled by 2019 winter brides-to-be & early 2020 brides-to-be. 

Simple Bridal Naths With Delicate Droplets

The bride who want to keep nose rings simple & lightweight can pick up these designs. Moreover, to give it an elegant look you can add a droplet color coordinated to your wedding dress as elaborate as this one below.

Simple Bridal Nose Rings


Aman Sidhu Photography

Simple Bridal Nath


Dramatic Nath Designs

 Dramatic Nath designs are for the brides who want to go with tradition as well as want to give their bridal look a modern touch. We loved these nathni designs not just because of how beautiful they are, but because of how well they have been styled.  If you get a hold of your grandma’s closet you will find a nathni that is elaborate like these ones.

Bridal Nath Design

Gautam Khullar Photography

Dramatic Nose Rings


Fabuluous Bridal Nath With Bride & Groom Motifs

This unique creation with bride & groom motifs is our favorite one. The hanging beads strings are adding more bling to this beauty.

Latest Designer Bridal Nath Design


Oversized Nath Designs

Oversized Naths are quite trendy among the Sikh brides. Very beautifully, the brides have coordinated it with their other jewelry like paasa, mang tikka & neckpiece.

Oversized Nath Designs


Oversized Nath Designs


Stone Studded Bridal Naths

Simple Bridal Nath With Stones


Beautiful Diamond Bridal Nath Without Chain

Diamond Nath Design


Kundan Nath Designs

If going all the way traditional isn’t for you or doesn’t sit well on your face, but want your  Nath to be slightly on the heavier embellished side then this kind of nath goes well.  It looks like a crescent moon that is half-illuminated and beautiful.

Bridal Jewellery


Detailed Kundan Nath Design


Kundan Nose Rings


Bridal Jewellery


Gorgeous Floral Naths For Mehendi

Floral Nath


Floral Nath


Stunning Nath Designs With The Pearls Headed Outwards 

Kundan Nath Designs


Camera Crew Productions

Prominent Nath With A Hint of Colour

For the bride who wants to contrast her jewelry with her outfit, this one can be added to your list.

Indian Bridal Jewellery

 Sunny Dhiman Photography

Splendid Mughal Nath Design

Mughal Nath Designs


Small Nose Rings Embellished With Beads & Stones

Bridal Nose Rings


Bridal Nose Rings


Classic Bridal Naths 

For the bride who wants moderate embellishments with pearls & beads, without going too bold with her nath.

Indian Bridal Jewellery


Bridal Jewellery


Vipul Sharma Photography

Bridal Nath

 Dipak Studios Photography

Pretty Up With Beads

Beads have the ability to instantly pretty anything up, just like they did to this nathni design. The nose ring itself is adorned with them and so is the chain.

Bridal Nath

 Gautam Khullar Photography

Bridal Nath


Indian Bridal Jewellery


And These With Colorful Beads!

Unique Bridal Nath


Bridal Nose Rings With Colorful Beads


Coz Simple Looks Best, doesn’t it?

Simple Nath Design


Nose Rings With Multiple Chains

Bridal Nath With Multiple Chains


This elegant nath design just consists of a plain nose ring, with colored beads embedded in the golden chain. Perfect nath for the brides who are not a fan of big ones.

Nose Ring


So these were some of the fabuluous Nath designs that we spotted on 2019 brides. And whether your nose is pierced or not, you can get handy with any of these stunning pieces.

If you too have such beautiful pictures of your bridal nath, then share it with us on [email protected] & get featured.

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