Destination Wedding at Neemrana Tijara Fort and Celebration of Love Across the Continents


Love knows no boundaries and borders, when Love has to happen it happens, and once you fall in love there is no better feeling.  Our coupley today Suhani and Josh may belong to different countries and ethnicity but their Love comes without these tags. Their wedding celebration at Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace, Rajasthan is a  testament to their love.

Meet Josh & Suhani

Josh & Suhani met whilst in college in Hong Kong. Suhani studied there as a full-time student and Josh was in exchange from his university in the UK for a year. They met towards the end of the semester through friends, by chance on a student night out in the city. Next time the two met was at the same bar, with the same friends, but Josh had been to a fancy dress do beforehand and came dressed as a ghostbuster!

Suhani: I didn’t know what to make of this human, but just knew he was silly and fun and made me happy. Also – his dimples.

Josh: She came across as really smart and driven, but also kind and compassionate. Her energy was (and is) infectious.


 Destination Wedding at Neemrana Tijara Fort

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