Importance of Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding

What is a haldi ceremony? It is a pre-marriage custom watched two or three days before the wedding and followed all over the country. It is held at both residence of the bride and groom and hereby we will try to understand the importance of the Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding.

The ceremony is named as such owing to the utilization of turmeric during the ritual. Haldi is an essential ingredient of Indian kitchen not only in food preparation but also on account of its various medicinal properties. It also has religious significance associated with it. The ceremony is also termed as Vatna Ceremony/ Tel -Vatna in certain parts of the country.

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Importance of Haldi ceremony

The most essential attribute of a haldi ceremony happens to the haldi paste that is consolidated by blending sandalwood, rose water, turmeric leads to the formation of a fragrant mixture that is then smeared everywhere throughout the body.

It’s also imperative to note that the haldi/vatna that is applied to the bride or groom is sent from either households i.e for the bride the haldi is sent from groom’s home.

The paste is first applied by the maternal family(Mama’s) as a Shagun. The paste is applied to the legs, feet, arms, and face of both the bride and the groom. Thereafter all the other family members and friends apply the paste to the bride and the groom. This is all in anticipation of the enormous day that is just a couple of days away.

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This occasion is adjusted with stunning music, heaps of fun and not overlooking a delightful mouth-watering food also.

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To remove evils

According to religious content, haldi is applied to ward off evils. It is said to shield the couple from any terrible sign that is probably going to occur before the D-day. It is for a similar reason on why there is a restriction of the bride and groom’s stepping out once haldi is applied.

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Token of blessings

Family and Friends, who apply haldi paste on the couples, give them blessings of a happy and prosperous wedded life. This is something exceptionally valued as the couple starts another excursion in their life.

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According to old writings, haldi is believed to have purification properties, when the paste is applied on the body it cleanses the skin and the spirits of the couple who are going to tie the knot. An auspicious start to another life is guaranteed with full heart and soul.

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Glowing skin

Leaving all things aside, turmeric has some immaterial advantages related to the bride or the groom. Amid haldi function, the paste that is applied to acts as a cleanser purifies skin impurities and avoids pimples or acne. The dead skin is peeled off to have a gleaming skin.

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What’s more? The faint pale yellow stain that is left by haldi gives you beautiful glow that is divine and delightful at the same time.

To sum it up, the haldi ceremony happens to be one of the imperative and energizing pre-marriage traditions according to Hindu mythology. If you are a would-be-bride and groom, make sure to absorb the radiance of the occasion and at the same time get drenched in the shower of blessings to have a calm and smooth wedding.

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