This Couple Had A Romantic Pre-Wedding Shoot At The Taj Mahal & Unique Jaimala Ceremony!

Romantic Pre- Wedding Shoot at Taj Mahal

A love story that started Saat Samundar Paar where the cupid ” couple’s mutual friend” just got them together forever. Not only their love tale is heart inspiring but their pre-wedding shoot at the Taj Mahal & in the USA will also make you drool over their fun & romantic pre-wed pictures. Nitika & Rishabh’s wedding was a package full of glamour, fun, & everlasting moments. The two made stunning appearances back to back on every wedding function. What grabbed the limelight was their unique Jaimala ceremony where the Punjabi groom Rishabh surprised his lady love with his shaandar performance. 

So, don’t miss the ending as endings are always beautiful.😉

Meet Nitika & Rishabh – #NITRISH

Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas
Their Cute Love Story:
“Coming to the US for my Masters, I got to know Rishabh through a mutual friend and met him just for a few minutes when he was visiting his friend for a vacation in Illinois.

And then the love story starts where I had no idea of what was going on, but Rishabh had his thoughts well settled and had decided what he wants for life.

Then the fun starts where he had his own ways of trying to communicate with me mostly through his friend and just try and have the most random conversations. (With me still being clueless)

Then finally came the day when he told me his feelings, that too over a phone and somehow everything felt in place and then Destiny took me to his state Texas for my new job and that was it 

PS: We do have a cupid who got us together.😊” – says the bride.

Wedding Events

Pre-Wedding USA

Nitika & Rishabh took their pre-wedding shoot game to the next level with an amazing shoot in Windansea Beach, La Jolla, CA, USA. 
Pre-Wedding Shoot in USA
Pre-Wedding Shoot in USA
Pre-Wedding Shoot locations in USA
Pre-Wedding Shoot in USA
Pre-Wedding Shoot in USA

Pre-Wedding India

After the fun shoot in Windansea Beach, USA, the couple left us awestruck with their another cute & romantic pre-wedding shoot at the Taj Mahal. Their pre-wed shoot is a dose of love & romance.

Romantic Pre- Wedding Shoot at Taj Mahal
Romantic Pre- Wedding Shoot at Taj Mahal
Romantic Pre- Wedding Shoot at Taj Mahal
Romantic Pre- Wedding Shoot at Taj Mahal
Romantic Pre- Wedding Shoot at Taj Mahal
Romantic Pre- Wedding Shoot at Taj Mahal


It was a fun-filled event with dhol, music band, twisted cocktails, hookah and what not where everyone enjoyed to the core and danced like crazy. The bride looked gorgeous in lemon-colored lehenga with silver embroidery on it while the groom looked handsome in a dark purple colored suit. The two made a lovely pair & win our hearts with their wedding looks.
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Engagement Decoration Ideas
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Engagement Photos of Bride & Groom
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Haldi/Chooda Ceremony

Haldi & Chooda ceremony was a colorful event in the morning on the pool-side. The bride picked the yellow & pink colored outfit paired with white floral jewelry while the groom wore a light pink colored kurta pajama for Haldi.
Haldi & Chooda ceremony outfits of Bride
Haldi Photos of bride & groom
Haldi Photos
Haldi Photos

Wedding Ceremony

It was the day wedding with all pastels and color-bombed jaimala which was the showstopper. The bride looked elegant in pink colored lehenga while groom perfectly coordinated the outfit with the bride with his mint green sherwani paired with pink colored dupatta. The two looked royal & simply nailed their wedding looks.
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Indian Bride Portraits
Pink Bridal Lehenga
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beautiful bridal entry ideas
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Jaimala ceremony
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Reception Ceremony (Agra)

The third event of the wedding day (huff), but was the most enjoyed event with straight 6 hours of dancing (including the bride and groom). I know we were crazy when it came to dancing that too at our own wedding. With a question from a guest to me asking -‘Kisi aur ki shaadi pe aaye ho kya, jo itna naach rahe ho? 😁😁
Couple Entry Ideas at Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception outfits for bride & groom
wedding outfits of bride & groom
candid bridal photography
candid wedding photography

Reception Ceremony (Delhi)

The next day was a reception with Dhol again (Punjabi’s you know) with proper meetings and greeting with everyone. The bride looked stunning in a golden gown with beautiful floral embroidery while the groom looked dapper in a black tuxedo.
wedding reception outfits of bride & groom
Wedding Reception Outfits of bride & Groom
Wedding Couple Portraits
Couple portraits
Couple Portraits
Wedding Photos

Highlights From Wedding

 The highlights being the Jaimala magical moment in which the groom didn’t just take my heart away, but everyone present during the Jaimala.

Groom being a Bhangra lover surprised me with quick bhangra moves right before jaimala. It was such a great and happy moment.

jaimala ceremony video

So this is how Nitika & Rishabh lived their fairytale. You can also have a romantic pre-wedding shoot at the Taj Mahal.

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Wedding Vendors

Pre Wedding USA
Location – Windansea Beach, La Jolla, CA, USA
Photography – emmagibbsphoto 
Wedding Photographer
Pre Wedding India
Location – Taj Mahal, Agra, India
Photography – wedlock_productions
Location – Ramada Plaza, Agra
Bride Outfit – roop_vatika 
Groom Outfit – akksbymandy 
Music Band – postboxmusic 
Haldi/Chooda Ceremony
Location – Ramada Plaza, Agra
Wedding Ceremony
Location – Agra
Bride Outfit – mallctc 
Groom Outfit – akksbymandy
Reception Ceremony (Agra)
Location – Agra
MUA –   makeupbyashimadawar
Bride Outfit – kushalsonline 
Groom Outfit – indochino 
Reception Ceremony (Delhi)
Location – Delhi
Bride Outfit – baniramaadesigns 
Groom Outfit – rontomson 

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