Top 10 Amazing Tips for Wedding Flower Decoration in Pune

Wedding Floral Decoration Tips

Choosing the right wedding flowers to match it with the wedding theme, venue, and attire is definitely not an easy job. The wedding flower decoration should be elegantly pleasing to eyes and memorable to heart. In this piece, we will tell you the best tips and ways to make the walk down the aisle special with the presence of fresh blossoms. Check out these top 10 amazing tips for wedding flower decoration:

1. Floral Arrangements As Per The Theme

Before deciding anything, you need to do a little bit of research work about the theme, wedding venue, what will be the dressing theme, which seasonal flowers are available for decoration, total flower budget and so on. To make your work easy, plan everything in advance to avoid any hassle in wedding floral arrangement.

Floral Decoration in Pune

Floral Decoration by Blooms Only

2.Wedding Flower Arrangements Reference

Don’t get overwhelmed by the available choices. Take reference from online available designs from the top wedding flower decorators. Have a look which florals they are using, how the wedding bouquets are arranged and add whatever you feel which can add more glamour to the floral decor.

Wedding Flower Decoration Tips

3.Wedding Centerpieces Hack

You don’t need to spend a bomb when it comes to decorating centerpieces for the venue. You can reuse and decorate your old glass bottles, jars, or teapot and convert them into a point of attraction. Cut the floral’s single stems at 45-degree angle and fill the pot with fresh water. It will keep your blossoms fresh for a longer time.

Wedding Centerpieces With Floral

4.Wedding Reception Decor

Reception decor matters the most because it’s the center of attraction for all. Decorate the reception area with those florals which can stay fresh for a longer time. You can go popular wedding flowers like roses, carnations, marigold, hydrangea, and tulips. Try different combinations of flowers and arrange them in style.

Wedding Reception Decor

5.Floral Wedding Cake

Bake the cake as per the wedding theme. Go for a beautiful floral wedding cake with real flowers at the top. These cakes look amazing and compliment your wedding day like no one. Go for rose-based romantic cake or go for an elegant white cake decorated by Calendulas, white roses, and Violas.

Floral Wedding Cake

Source: sweethollywood

6. How To Decorate The Aisle & Pew Ends

One of the best and easiest wedding ideas is the pew ends decoration. They might look old fashioned in the complete decor. When you decorate them, the charm of the wedding will be unmatchable. One of the most popular wedding flower decoration tips is to prepare a bunch of your favorite florals and tie them at pew ends.

7. Mandap Flower Decoration

Mandap decoration should be vibrant and must give you the vibes of sheer joy. For flower arrangements, go for red roses, orange carnations, white roses & lilies, and orchids to add a punch of colors to the big day.

Wedding Fllower Decoration for Mandap

Mandap Decor by BloomsOnly

8.Dining Decoration

It’s not just about the reception and the mandap decoration. Plan something different for dining area decoration. You can choose fragrance florals like roses, lilies, and honeysuckle. Make a combination of 2 or 3 flowers to maintain pleasant vibes in the dining area.

9.Florals For Groom & Bride

Let some exotic flowers complement the attire of the bride and groom. You can go for orchids, roses, and carnations to sprinkle some freshness. You can also go for floral jewelry for the bride, it looks absolutely stunning.

Flower bouquet for the bride

10.Wedding Decorators

For flower decoration services, it’s better to choose a florist who is close to the wedding venue. It will help you in getting the floral faster, and in case if there is a requirement of more florals, you can arrange quickly.

Follow these simple tips to glam up your wedding flower decoration and make the D-day the most memorable day of your life. So, which are your favorite wedding decoration tips? Keep the decoration modest yet pleasing to the eyes and surprise everyone.

Author Bio: Pratick is the owner of Blooms Only. From the last 3 years, he is running the flower shop and offering wedding flower decoration in Pune. The Blooms Only has earned a good reputation in a very small period by serving high-quality, fresh flowers delivery services in Pune.

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