Witness This Summer Fairytale Wedding In Sydney Australia!

Bride & Groom Sydney Wedding


Despite living in a different country, getting married in an Indian Traditional Wedding Ceremony and partaking all traditional rituals is what makes this Summer Fairytale wedding in Sydney, Australia truly special. Yes, Sydney holds a special place in lives our beautiful couple Sheetal & Ryan’s.  From their first magical date to having a gleeful wedding in Sydney, these lovebirds have left us spellbound with their wedding story. 

The Beginning Of Fairytale

Meet our bride Sheetal who loves everything Indian from food to traditions. She met her husband Ryan in 2017.  Their mutual friend thought that Sheetal & Ryan should meet as they would be perfect for one another. It was love at first sight & from their first date, the chemistry that they share is unbelievable. Ryan proposed in January 2018 and they got married in November 2019. Sheetal & Ryan did all their wedding shopping in Delhi whilst keeping their wedding day outfits a surprise.

bride & groom

This is what Sheetal has shared about her inspiration behind her wedding:

” I always wanted to get married in Sydney Australia. It was the city where we had our first magical date. I decided on a traditional ceremony in a temple followed by a grand wedding reception at Dolton house. Everything about Sydney reminds me of the romance that I and my husband share. Sydney will forever be a special place in our hearts.” 

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