Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Wedding Invitations are an important aspect of the weddings. Wedding planning is never perfectly done. The most important of all, wedding invitations provide the crucial information of the wedding day like the date, venue and time. This allows the guests to schedule and plan accordingly to be present on your special day.

Wedding setbacks are basically unavoidable. However, with regards to maintaining a strategic distance from committing mistakes that genuinely, extremely matter, wedding invitation etiquette is of great significance.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that are seen in wedding invitations, as well as some advice on how to deal with invitation imperfections:

Forgetting the Save the Date Cards:

When it comes to talking about the digital world… then why not use the latest trends on your wedding day?

Yes, by “digital” I only mean “digital wedding invitations”..Before sharing the wedding invitations it is mandatory to send save the date cards 15 days prior to sending invitations. As, this will make the guests to keep a reminder to schedule and plan their work accordingly.

Skipping the Theme:

Make something that’s extraordinary about your wedding invitation. Give your guests something to get excited about.

You can use your wedding theme into wedding invitations like in a Punjabi wedding you can make use of some animations doing bhangra or giddha.

Waiting too long to get it made:

This is very mandatory to get your invitations prepared on time as they will give your guests an ample amount of time to think about the preparations. The sooner, the better because everything from deciding the design to getting your mistakes corrected up till mailing takes time and normally more time than you think.

Making it too cluttered:

Most of the couples make the mistake of going overboard with the design and the wordings for their invitations. This can make the invitation messy and the little details that are important may not even be noticed.

In order to avoid, you can use different colors but do it in a manner that it is easy on the eye. In case if there are so many details, it is best to divide them into sections and fit it neatly into the pages.

Incorrect address or name on the Invitation:

This is the crucial point where couples usually make a mistake. Providing incorrect information is not only a mistake, instead it’s a blunder.

Hence, in order to avoid any hussle and bussle, provide in writing with the correct venue and names that are to be mentioned on the wedding invitation. Also, get it checked before finalizing.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread:

Edit, edit like there’s no tomorrow. Read it over the morning, bed break time, read it over when you are grinding away; read it over when you are endeavouring to nod off. Do request that your finace read it over. Your mom, your dad, your companions, Your sibling. Get everybody to read it before you send your little check stamp approval to the designer. Nothing would be a greater bummer than an incorrect spelling, a mistaken address, wrong time, date or names.

Errors happen! In the event that you see any mistake with your invite, evaluate the circumstance. In the event that it’s a little mistake, let it go. However, in the event that the mistake is identified with the wedding venue, date and time, keeping in mind the end goal to deal with this circumstance you can send the save the date cards again seven days before the big day.

So, let us know which invitation mistakes have you seen before in the comments section below…..

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