This Magical Surprise Proposal Led To A Sikh Royal Heritage Wedding In Australia!

Sikh Bride & Groom


Imagine a magical surprise proposal in a beautiful lapse of nature & grand Sikh royal heritage wedding. – A Dream Wedding! Right? This beautiful dream was lived by Rustam & Harustat who are giving major wedding goals from Rustam taking Harustat to a beautiful mountain for surprise wedding proposal & then having a grand wedding in Australia. Let’s take you to this Royal Sikh Wedding Of Rustam & Harustat. 

Meet Rustam & Harustat

This tale begins around two years ago when the couple first exchanged a harmless follow on Instagram. Seeing the sweet, sensible and cultured photos on Harustat’s page, Rustam knew she was the perfect type of girl for him. He also knew a direct approach would get him nowhere so he started a conversation about Harustat’s dog Rex, a topic he knew would spark some good conversation. Talking about this special pupper lead to a conversation about various topics whereby they discovered this casual conversation could actually lead somewhere.

sikh wedding

Upon discussing this with family, a first meeting was set and Rustam boarded the next flight to Adelaide. Butterflies flying around in the stomach and goosebumps everywhere, they approached each other in person for the first time. Spending some quality time with one another and Harustat’s family in the peaceful city of Adelaide, the couple realized their intuition was correct, and their relationship progressed to the next step.

After many months of getting to know each other inside out, Rustam knew a proposal was well due which takes us to the next part of their story: The Proposal

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