Top Wedding Trends To Emulate In 2020

Top wedding trends

Weddings are a big event and milestone for couples. However, it is also tedious as it requires extensive planning. A mistake in any of the preliminaries can be detrimental to the real outcome. There are many activities involved before you can finally get everything together and walk down that aisle. Some of these include shopping for a dress, looking for a venue that has to fit the desired number of guests, and ensuring they get sufficient food and drinks. Failing to plan when faced with this task is planning to fail. Get confused while choosing the diamond engagement ring. But at you can know the current trends in diamond engagement rings.

There is no standard time allocation that is enough for you to have everything in place. You can do it within two months or a year if you have the luxury of time. Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to having a wedding, below are the latest trends you can employ. The focus is on varying aspects of the event, which altogether will realize the success you expect.

1. The Intimate Theme

Although you would want to celebrate your big day with friends and family, don’t forget about your interests while trying to impress everyone. Focus more on what you and your partner want. Weddings only come once, well, unless you have lots of money to redo it. With the Corona Virus pandemic, there are specific government regulations to prevent the spread of the disease. It means that, unfortunately, you cannot invite as many people as you may deem fit. Focus more on making it intimate. The benefit of fewer numbers is you only get to choose those you are comfortable around. You will work with a limited budget but get the best.

Top wedding trends

2. Hashtags For Weddings

Wedding hashtags are mostly trending all over social media platforms. Hashtags for weddings is a great way to consolidate all those fun Instagram and Facebook pics from the big day into one easily clickable place. If you have no idea of these, use an online generator tool where you can get plenty of ideas to come up with your perfect wedding hashtag.

3. Environmentally Sustainable Weddings

Weddings require lots of money, and if not careful, you can break your bank in the process. Unfortunately, while doing the relevant shopping, most people do not focus on the ecological system. Paying attention to the surrounding will bring about a win-win situation. You will enjoy your beautiful day with all gifts from nature while your environment suffers no loss or degradation. Make use of recycled paper invitation cards, organic foods, and simple farm like tables.

4. Dark Color Palette

Most weddings focus on bright colors to bring out the party’s gist and elevate people’s moods. But who said dark shades only come with misery? Event planners are now using such colors to bring out unique features making your wedding an exceptional event. Colors like grey, black, and even maroon have the potential to make your wedding the talk of the town.

5. Metallic Decorations

No one ever thought that metallic decorations could be beautiful for weddings. But guess what, they have overtaken the wedding industry through their magnificent appearance. The calm and elegant features can manifest in different aspects of your wedding. Incorporate them on table decors, pottery, and other centerpieces. You can also combine a variety of metal or choose to work with one line. Some of the examples include bronze, rose gold, silver, and other shades of black metals.

Top wedding trends

6. Celestial Wedding Theme

The theme in a wedding plays a massive role in determining what other features you will incorporate. Although there are thousands of pieces to choose from, you can always opt for one unique style. What else could it be than the celestial version? You can have the incorporation of stars, the moon, and the solar eclipse. Adding star gazing to your activities makes the mood more romantic. Use outdoor surroundings to capture all the natural moments, and indeed you will have a memorable day.

7. Specialized Bars

Food and drinks are must-have components of any wedding. However, don’t make it boring, precisely in the drinks sector. Sought for the best bartenders and mixologists in the region, and you will get the best. Have them come up with a unique standard targeted to all your guests. Ensure you have all sorts of drinks ranging from whiskey, brandy, gin, champagne, and cocktails.

8. Videography

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video will bring out a million. Working with videographers will allow you to see some of the parts of your wedding that you missed. You will always have a fresh memory whenever you view it. Get photos as well but having videos will make the moment more real.

9. Take Advantages Of All Colors

The traditional wedding styles employed two or maybe a maximum of three colors on the entire décor. Give life to your wedding by consolidating a variety of color choices. Be bold. Choose orange, neon, red, name them. With a careful combination, it will feel like paradise.

10. Go Extra On The Veil

The veil is a critical feature of a wedding dress. Instead of going for the standard length, you can either skip it or go extra. If you decide to have it, make it extra-long. It will give your entire event a wow factor. You can also add some flowers to it to make it more appealing.

Top wedding trends

11. Go Away

Rather than have people trying to make a venue to suit your preferences, why not find a location with the exact surroundings. You can have your wedding in the Caribbean, Maldives, or any other place that is a haven. There are a couple of destinations to offer you the best. You might have to cut down on the number of guests but so what it’s your wedding.

People having weddings from now on have the opportunity of benefiting from the craziest of ideas. Through proper calculations and budgeting, you can turn your wedding into a magnificent experience.

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