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Nitin & Shiv - Wedding photographer duo who love capturing your story.

Qutub Plaza Gurgaon, Haryana

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Nitin & Shiv - Wedding photographer duo who love capturing your story.About Shiv:Shiv believes that as a wedding photographer he is privileged to participate in the most divine and precious event in people's lives and he loves capturing the fleeting moments that make a wedding truly special. His illustrative style captures the tender glances exchanged between bride and groom, the fun filled moments with family members and the story that is unveiled as a new chapter begins in your life.About Nitin:"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet PlatoWell, in his case, the touch of love made Nitin a photographer extraordinaire. Four years back, it was the love for freedom that inspired a computer engineer to change his profession from a limited world to a world full of limitless possibilities and experiences- the world of a camera.Today, he excels in his field by always managing to capture poignant moments with profound elegance.His unique ability to blend in and photograph the beauty of the moments and the people, makes him a bride's dream.
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